Youth Services of Tulsa


It’s in the name. We serve Tulsa’s homeless and at-risk youth. Why? Because we understand the youth we’re investing in today will be the adults of tomorrow. By providing them with a support network. we set youth on a path to independence

YST is the only Tulsa-Area nonprofit exclusively servicing adolescents and young people 12-24. In many cases, we’re the only provider of these services.

Why do we do this. Because they need us.


Our Mission

To value and accept all youth, supporting and challenging them to embrace their potential.

Our Vision

Empowered youth who grow and achieve.


Since 2016, T-Town Tacos has been serving delicious tacos to the public and equipping young people with the employment skills and experience they need to create a better future

Our Values


Celebrate diversity and honor the unique strengths, needs and relationships of all people.


Foster a safe and welcoming environment built upon trust, respect, kindness and honest communication.


Fearlessly support and empower people to find hope, opportunities and solutions for a promising future.


Learn, grow and thrive through partnerships, innovation and the use of information.


Partner with youth and rely on their voice and insight to guide our work.




311 S Madison Ave
Tulsa, OK 74120

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