Brookside Is The Place To Be!  Work, Play, Shop, Eat, Pray.
You can do it all!

Brookside has something for everyone – and all just a short stroll from nationally recognized The Gathering Place. If you’re looking for your place, you’ll find it on Brookside! For more information email us.

Visit Brookside


Get yourself something nice!

Go ahead. Spoil yourself. Brookside makes it easy. Check out the most exquisite, one-of-a-kind boutiques, antiques, hand-made pottery and art galleries. We also have designers and decorators, and the best-in-home furnishings. You can even pick up a Harley/bike, and cruise up and down Peoria. You’ve totally earned this.



Did you bring your appetite? 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert…with maybe a coffee or cocktail in between. Brookside features everything from sushi, to family dining, to five-star cuisine. There’s ice cream, craft drinks and even a classic hamburger stand. If you’re coming to Brookside, come hungry!


Where happy is more than an hour!

There’s not a little bit of everything in Brookside – there’s a lot of it! Wine, martini bars and clubs for 21 and over. Plenty of places to play for the entire family. Who says “happy” should just be an hour?


As much fun to live as it is to play!

There’s a reason Brookside is more than an entertainment district – it’s one of Tulsa’s most desired places to live and work. From beautiful churches and parks, to the best-in-professional services. And we are the closest district to the Gathering Place!


Get involved in a religious community!

Brookside is home to many churches, with many faith backgrounds! There is for sure a place for you to connect with others and with God in the heart of Brookside each week!