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There’s so much to love about Brookside, where do we begin? 

Do you enjoy fine dining? Exciting nightlife? Unique shopping…the great thing is, you don’t have to choose – it’s all here to see and enjoy! Brookside has the highest quality and variety of merchants in Tulsa, and is the closest entertainment district to the The Gathering Place and Philbrook Museum of Art. So whatever you’re looking for, your place is here at Brookside!

Come and experience what Brookside has to offer, from some of the world’s finest art to outdoor play spaces with special events happening all year round!


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Check Out These Destinations

The Gathering Place

Imagine a park that offers amazing attractions and world-class programming for all ages with no entry fee.

This dream was built into reality at Gathering Place: Tulsa’s Riverfront Park. Gathering Place aims to serve as a cornerstone for our vibrant community while improving social, economic and environmental sustainability in Tulsa.

Our wish is for all Tulsans to enjoy this space. A park that reflects the unique culture and spirit of our city. A park that will continue to inspire imagination. A park like none other.



Philbrook Museum of Art

The Philbrook Museum of Art is a premier cultural and historical institution in Tulsa with nationally-recognized facilities, gardens, art exhibitions and quality collections. Serving over 160,000 visitors annually, Philbrook has become a poignant testimony to Tulsa’s past while building a shining example of this city’s bright future.

Originally built as a home for oil tycoon Waite Phillips and his family in 1927, the 72-room mansion and surrounding 23 acres of grounds were dedicated as an art center to the city of Tulsa in 1938. From American Impressionism to precious pieces from ancient civilizations, the Philbrook’s nine art collections span an impressive array of countries, periods, mediums and styles. Whether it’s unique jewelry from the Native American art collection or a rare Albrecht Durer print in the “Works on Paper” collection, there’s always something new to discover at the Philbrook.

Outside the museum, walk through beautifully landscaped acres designed to combine Italian, English and French garden iconography. Inspired by the gardens at Villa Lante in Northern Italy, the gardens to the east of the museum were part of the house’s original construction. The Philbrook offers guided tours and audio tours of the gardens.

Brookside Collective

Brookside Collective is the place to be in Brookside! Throughout the summer we offer events like block parties, movie nights, concerts, special holiday events, and all kinds of other fun family events. We also partner with the Brookside Business Association to help plan and run events like BooHaHa…Oklahoma’s largest Halloween party, Herb Day, Rumble and Roll, and other family-friendly events.

We love doing special things like food truck nights and fitness events. We also offer some faith events that correspond to church holidays like candlelight services for Christmas, Easter sunrise services, and an Easter egg hunt for children.

Almost all of our events are free and open to the public.

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Tim Clark


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