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At Wandres Law we understand that any time you are in need of legal help, you have quite a few firms willing to represent you depending on the type of case you have. And while most firms in Tulsa either represent plaintiffs or defendants in legal matters, a distinct advantage of hiring Wandres Law is that both Patrick and Victor Wandres have practiced law for both sides, giving us a unique perspective when we represent your legal interests.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve successful outcomes while maintaining a friendly, communicative relationship. Unlike other firms that can be cold, overly formal, or whose attorneys seem too busy to respond to your questions, Wandres Law operates with a more laid back mindset, and prides itself on making its clients feel like they can approach their attorneys or assistants with all of their questions, large or small. Our emphasis on attorney-client relationships often enables us to use methods that aren’t used by many other firms – methods that streamline our tactics leading to success.

We value our clients as people, and not case numbers. Call Wandres Law today and let us advocate on your behalf.



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Tulsa, OK 74105

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